PR Welcome

I am slowly taking on new product reviews and giveaways, after taking a couple of months off.  If you are interested in having your product featured in this blog please email me for details.  I will only do 1-2 reviews/giveaways per month in order to keep the true content of my blog alive.

Reviews give my readers a chance to see how your product can benefit another woman, mother, or child first hand.  Giveaways accompanied by a review are always more successful since they give my readers a chance at winning the exciting product that was reviewed.  I will only accept products that are relevant to my blog content.  In order for me to give my honest review on your product/company I do accept & keep the product sent.  If I feel that I cannot give a positive review on your product/company I will contact you prior to the scheduled review.

If you are interested in advertising your company on As the Forest[e] Grows, contact me for more details & pricing.

Thanks for visiting!
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