Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2 1/2 months old!

And since I haven't updated on Vinny in like 2 months... or pretty much since his birth ::hides in corner:: I have a picture overload.  To say the least.

I never imagined how much work it would be to have 2 kiddos.  I'm constantly nursing or changing Vincent, making sure Gianna is getting attention, food, potty trips, etc... or all of the above at once.

When I had Gianna I always fed her in our comfy rocker in her QUIET nursery.  This time having a newborn is not the tough part... it's keeping up with a 3 year old at the same time!  I've learned to nurse Vinny while cleaning up toys, making lunch, or taking Gianna potty.  Takes serious talent, people ;)

Now that Vincent is 11 weeks (3 months in a couple weeks... ahh!) we've got a good schedule down, and having 2 kids isn't too bad.  We've really adjusted to our family of 4 and things are going great!

Some Mrs. F news... this was the easiest recovery I could have ever imagined.  And I'm 1 lb away from my pre pregnancy weight thanks again to Weight Watchers.  Woot :)  I've been back at the gym since a little after 4 weeks pp and feeling good!

Here are some stats on little Vince:

  • Gianna was a good nurser when she was a newborn, but Vinny was even better.  This kid latched on right after birth & has been a pro ever since!  I've only been pumping 2-3 times a week so I have a stash in the freezer "just in case."
  • 12 lbs 14 oz - 77%  (at 2 month appt)  He is way bigger than Gianna was at this age!
  • 23 in - 53%  (at 2 month appt)
  • Growing out of 0-3 month clothes.  Honestly he'll probably only fit in them for 2 more weeks.  Gianna fit in her 0-3's until she was about 4 months!
  • Coos & smiles all the time while he's awake unless he's eating.  Such a happy boy I have!
  • Awesome with tummy time.  He's this close to rolling over.
  • Goes to bed around 10pm and has been sleeping consistently for at least 6-8 hours straight.  He'll eat then sleep for another 3-4 hours!  This just started 2 weeks ago (he had been waking up every 2 hours to eat every single night since birth so hopefully he keeps it up) ::knocks on wood::

3ish weeks old

Gianna keeping busy with Grandpa!

Bottle... because mama had a few margaritas.

4th of July... told you I had tons of pics to catch you up on!

Gigi likes him to lay next to her during prayer time at night :)

Pedi time with her Noni

Almost a month old... sporting his team with Daddy!

Being silly!

changing her baby's diaper with her "big sister gift." A diaper bag with bottles, diapers, wipes & changing pad for her Bitty Baby!

First smiles at 4 weeks!!

Shopping at Trader Joe's

These are a little our of order... this is Vinny at about 7 weeks

Little bebeh... 3 weeks

 My cousin & aunt came to visit when he was a week old!

Before my mama left :( (Vinny at 1.5 weeks old)

Gianna, Vinny & Nana (my mom)

Gianna & her best friend, Laura... matching homemade dresses & headbands!

Gianna loves to read Vincent books

I know these are so out of order & I'm too lazy to rearrange them!

1 month!

1st trip to the dentist... of course I needed pictures!

We took Gianna to the American Girl store to pick something out for her Bitty Baby, "Zoe," on her birthday!

She picked a Baby Bjorn... because "Mommy does that to Vinny!"

Bath time

2 months!


  1. OMG....YOU BLOGGED!?!?!?! I am so happy, I have been missing your updates!! I love the picture overload! I feel like I havent missed a beat now!! He is getting so BIG!! And Gianna!! OMG!!! I am dying over the cuteness of them both!!! I am glad everything is going well (busy!!) but well!!! xoox

  2. You've been busy! Glad to hear things are getting more manageable. I always wonder how I will do when I have two kiddos. They look so happy so you must be doing it right :).

  3. Beautiful family. But I am so jealous of your 2.5 month old that sleeps 6-8 hours straight at night. That didn't happen for me until my guy was almost 9 months old. And you look amazing and to be pretty much back to your pre-preggers weight, good job!

  4. both of your little kids are just so adorable;
    i am glad you are getting into the swing of taking care of two cuties; and i hope that vincent keeps sleeping for you ;))

  5. So many pics haha! Vincent is so cute!
    And Gianna's hair is still as amazing as always ;)

  6. Gianna is seriously the cutest little girl ever! Her hair is so beautiful! Is your hair naturally curly too? And Vinny is so sweet, I can definitely see both you & your hubby in him :) You look fantastic! <3 Glad to hear you're all doing well!

  7. Yay your still alive! HAHAHAHAH j/k .....having 2 kids in B-A-N-A-N-A-S at first right?!?!?!! Glad you are finding your routine!

    Vinny is lookin like a little chubster in his 2 month pic too! and still looking just like his big sis ...who by the way is too cute and such a clown in front of the camera! You need to seriously give me some tips on getting pics of kids....mine run away from the camera on purpose and i can only get pics by hiding behind a corner and bustin out the zoom lens...LOL

  8. Oh my goodness! I just stumbled across your blog and I've been glued to the screen reading.

    I love your birth story. I am SO determined to try going all natural with no meds next time. You give me hope girl!!

    You have the cutest kids!

  9. awww congrats momma! both babes are adorable!! <3 seems life is great with 2!

  10. OMG....I love all the pics. Vinny and Gianna are just too cute. I love every single pic--the pics of the two of them together are precious...she is a great big sister who loves her brother. Glad that you blogged...been missing you around.

  11. These pictures are adorable! Congrats on your many blessings! :)

  12. Yay for an update, I thought you might have taken a one way trip out of the blogosphere. So glad things are going well and you're adjusting to your family of 4.

  13. He is just the cutest thing ever!! I am jealous that you are alreday at the gym & that you are alreday on a good schedule. B is 3 & C is 16 months & we still don't have it down packed :)

    They are truly precious & congrats again!

  14. i just read your twitter comment that you think you're done with blogging. OMG NO!!! ha ha Haters are going to hate don't let them make you walk away from this. I totally get it, but its a great record to have of your children growing up and family. Obviously you have to do what you feel comfortable with, but know there are alot of people who read your blog. Hang in there and life with two is insane.....going to three put me over the edge :)

  15. Hi! New reader here. Your kids are adorable! and so are you.

  16. Hi there! I am from Malaysia.I love reading your blog.i am your fan :p I have been reading your blog since last 1 year. Your kids are so adorable. Haven't seen your recent update so was wondering if everything is okay.

  17. Hi,

    Miss you here! Hope everything is fine!

    Kisses from a Portuguese reader.

    Sandra Coelho


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